In 2008, a group of young teenage girls and their parents came together to form a 
single 14U Maryland Black Ice fastpitch softball team that shared a common set of 
values: a love for the game; commitment to teamwork; dedication to sportsmanship 
and promise to always do their individual best! Today, the Maryland Back Ice 
fastpitch softball organization is a regionally recognized fastpitch softball program 
that fields 6 teams with over 80 players between the ages of 9 and 18.

We believe that our greatest contribution is in teaching young ladies the values of 
competition. Female student athletes graduate at a significantly higher rate (68%) 
and achieve higher grades than female students in general. Sports teach our 
daughters to take appropriate risk and to be aggressive when needed while 
increasing their self-esteem and helping them develop leadership skills. The 
Maryland Black Ice fastpitch softball program focuses on developing the total 
person, and not just the athlete. We do this through providing a healthy, productive 
and structured environment for our players to learn and compete in the game of 
fastpitch softball.

Our coaching staff offers state-of-the-art instruction in all aspects of the game. We 
stress the importance of all fundamental skills that are essential to success at the 
collegiate level. Our players also work with professional speed & strengthening 
coaches. For players who want to play at the next level, we work closely with them 
and their parents to develop player profiles and video skills packages that can be 
distributed to college coaches and aid in the recruiting process. Lastly, the team 
provides outreach to the coaching community through our website, player profiles, 
e-mails and telephone contact.

This degree of commitment demands tremendous levels of volunteerism and 
extensive financial support. We achieve the necessary funding through the 
following activities:

1.        Player Fees: A nominal fee is requested from the player to cover the cost of 
uniforms and tournament fees; however, in hardship situations, the club sponsors 

2.        Personal Solicitations: Players send letters to family and friends to ask for 

3.        Product Sales: Individual teams raise funds through organized activities such 
as selling cookie dough, home goods or coupon books.

4.        Special Events: On an annual basis, each team normally conducts a car wash 
or a family & friend dinner.

5.        College Showcase Clinic: On an annual basis, the Maryland Black Ice 
organization hosts a College Showcase Clinic and invites players from across the 
Northeast to showcase their skills to collegiate coaches (over 27 colleges  attended 
the 2016 clinic on August 19 and 20). There was a fee to attend the showcase.

6.        Fantasy Charity/Silent Auctions: From time-to-time, the Maryland Black Ice 
organization will host a dinner/auction to raise funds.

If you would like to join the Black Ice program and continue our effort in preparing 
our players to achieve their goal of playing softball at a collegiate level, please 
contact one of our coaches below.

Bob Stephenson
Keith Calta

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